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LETEC AB market products with supreme technical quality and high reliability that are unique, flexible and empowering combined with a good technical knowledge. We emphasize and nurture our customer-relationship on a more personal basis by expressing our ideas with intelligence, humour and originality.

We help design and implement a solution that maximizes your existing technologies while helping you prepare for new emerging technologies. We offer a wide array of products and services specific to the strip, web, foam and extrusion handling industry with a full life cycle technology services from our suppliers.
Whether it’s pre-sales assessments, configuration and installation, training to take full advantage of your investments, or ongoing support – we can help you!

We have established strong partnerships with leading manufacturers, and when combined with our industry expertise, we can provide cutting edge technology products, solutions, and services to help you drive your practices key technology initiatives.

To integrate your business with our products

LETEC and its suppliers helps you to efficiently upgrade your existing production facilities with seamlessly mobile, easy to use, affordably intermediate system tools.

We expect that our products will offer greater flexibility, allowing the operators to balance their workload whenever and wherever they need to.
How our solutions can help your organisation

Our systems offers all the advantages of processing techniques without the restrictions of access through fixed units in your production plant.

Existing machines and system can be integrated through a single interface. Our units can be structured to operate in a way that suits your production. It can be utilized and branded so that your customers see your organisation as both professional and market competitive.