Manufacturer of profiled straight spreader rollers and rubber roll coverings.

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Apart from the well-known spreaderroller technology to prevent material creasing, the company also supplies a wide array of other types of rollers and roller coatings (in natural rubber, neoprene, hypalon, viton, silicone, butyl, EPDM rubber, PU, teflon and more..).
Also provided are double-walled cylinders for heating and cooling purposes produced in different performances – custom fitted to your applications.

In addition they provide reel coverings for the steel, stainless steel and aluminium industry.
A quick simple protection, gripping and practical idea which is usable wherever coils must be unwound or rewound.

They also have a programme for a wide range of hoses; for corona pre-treatment, compressed air, gas hoses, high pressure hoses, spiral hoses, chemical hoses and hoses for abrasive materials for example grenaille, plaster.

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