Instruments & analyzers

Developments from MOCON and RDM instruments.
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MOCON, Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of package integrity instrumentation with strong focus on helping pharmaceutical, medical device, life science and related companies improve package material selection and testing process.
MOCON offers the same research and development options via its certified global laboratory network. Package testing and analysis include: shelf-life, sterile barrier, leak, gas permeation, water vapor transmission, modified atmosphere, coefficient of friction, aerobic bacteria, headspace, pressure/vacuum, heat seal, environmental conditioning (humidity, pressure, temperature, altitude), aroma, flavor and odor.

RDM Instruments manufactures and supply Quality Control Test Equipment associated with the flexible packaging industry.
Measuring properties such as: Heat Seal-ability, Seal Strength, Coefficient of Friction, Hot Tack, Oxygen Permeation, Water Vapour Transmission rate, Leak Testing & Seal Integrity, Colour and Black & White Densitometry, Analytical and Digital Balances, Crease & Board Stiffness Testing, Ink Rub Testing, Drop Testing, Film Shrinkage, Oxygen Analysers for Modified Atmosphere Packaging, Sample Preparation & much more.
RDM can also provide with On-line Seal Inspection Systems to 100% inspect seal quality.

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