Specialty rolls

Developments from WEBEX (as part of Maxcess Group).
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Rolls are typically stainless steel or carbon steel based on specific line locations.
Some require special coatings to withstand the abrasion of carbon fibers and the corrosive nature of wash tank acids. When wear resistance is important, Webex provides chrome plating expertly casting down in to the bottom of these narrow grooves. Optional coatings include electroless nickel, tungsten carbide, and a wide variety of rubber covers and ceramics. All coatings and coverings have to be highly durable, yet smooth to avoid fiber snagging.
Webex also provides chill rolls used in calendaring prepreg mats and fabrics as well as precision heat transfer rolls, spreaders and tension-isolating vacuum rolls.
The company is a part of Maxcess International, which also operates MAGPOWR, Tidland and FIFE.

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